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what kill us

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We have a very sweet squirrel who comes for peanuts every morning… I put them in a container outside my window so I can watch him work while I drink my coffee.

Today while we worked up the hill on a burn pile, my very sweet squirrel spent his time hiding peanuts.   He usually hides them in the planter beside the Arbutus tree. But I think today the planter must have been full because he spent the day filling the Arbutus tree with nuts.              .IMG_0302 

He is very proud of himself but I think he will be sorry because the raccoon is going to find them Just because they are out on a limb doesn’t mean we cant see them.

E spent the morning at Soho checking that all  the systems are working well. There is family coming  this weekend. Two of the batteries on the main battery bank were dry.. (there are eight).. They were dry in the summer when we were having problems holding a charge. There is no reason on earth that two of them were dry again.. E took the two out of the loop and the house will work fine on six.. but it is frustrating and makes no sense. The batteries are only three years old. He ran the generator for a couple of hours to get the charge back up…. We are going to need more gas for the generator….

When we went to take the family truck back to the PC parking lot yesterday the battery was dead. We had driven it four days ago and it had no business being dead…. That battery is maybe two years old..not very….

When we went to check the camera down at the Beaver project, the batteries were dead.. We had put new ones in yesterday.. So no pictures of the beaver yet.. Although we could tell that he had been there by the accumulation of more wood chips… E replaced the batteries in the camera and hooked it up again.. Maybe tomorrow we will have success…

If we don’t survive this adventure living off grid, it will not because of the weather, or the isolation or the lack of take out pizza… it will be the battery problems

what kill us.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. I hope it isn’t catching; electronic flu…… battery problems – ugh. Taking out the rogue two in a harness is a good idea. The bad ones bring down the others – like with people. 🙂

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