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left to accomplish


It has been our experience that the most interesting things happen outside our living room window between 7 and 8 am.

We were up late last night watching a ridiculously stupid movie   ( 2 hrs in our life we won’t get back).  As a result,  we slept in this morning till 8.  I am never sleeping in again.

We were slow getting to the living room with our coffee when E glanced out the window.

E says.. “what was that?. It’s a fin.  There is a whale !!! ”

So again, like last year.. We waited to see it again to confirm if it was in fact a whale. Then had to find the camera, and then get our coats to run down to the front of the house by the water to try to get a picture.. sigh…  The whales were probably expecting us to be up at 7 am like usual. It (they?) had  been sitting in front of our house for an hour waiting…. By the time we got up and  saw it (them) they were heading past L Island to M Island.. They hung out at M for maybe 20 minutes before heading through the narrows.

Most of the pictures are just the spray.. Taken on the zoom with our camera standing in front of our house. Once again, I empathize with the Scots trying to get a good picture of Nellie.. these sea mammals won’t stand still!!!

I intend to do nothing else today. When you have seen a whale in a morning, there really is nothing

left to accomplish.

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Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “left to accomplish

  1. Looking at the tail, could it have been a grey??? Heard anything about one being around? Very cool. Love your writing.

  2. Nice pictures ! Its nice to have a sense of what is going on while we are down here, thanks for keeping this blog going, love it !

  3. Your daily reports are brilliant and much appreciated. This one is particularly interesting. What a wonderful life. We get very homesick

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