challenge is accepted

If it was up to me we would never leave the island. But going “off island” for supplies is a necessary evil. Yesterday being Halloween, it seemed right to do the evil deed.

I drove.. again.. I have to say my docking attempt at BH was one of the worlds worst. All the neighbouring boats survived the attack. To the audience on the cliffs above it must have looked like we had gone mad. One day a utube video of incompetent boat drivers will appear and yours truly will be at the helm.. Our boat was determined to dock in the spot beside our designated spot and there was no convincing it…E finally came in to lay down the law and get it to cooperate.

E handed me the reigns to drive the boat on our return and the trip went perfectly. My docking at PC was as good as the BH was bad.. In life there is always balance.. I will persevere…My neighbours are in France for the winter and I have to get around their big boat at BH.. I cannot get the timing right of getting around them and turning quickly enough into our spot… I hope they are enjoying France.. cause I shook my fist at their darn Panache as I was defeated again…

We have been using the family truck on the island while we waited to get ours fixed. It was the alternator (again) and we were able to pick up the repaired one yesterday. E installed it this morning and our truck is back on the road. Just in time to return the family one to SoHo before the upcoming long weekend.  We continue to use the family boat while ours is waiting for a reconditioned gear box. No rush.. if it saves us money we can wait..

Today I attempt to make lamb shanks.. I have had them slow cooking on the wood stove all afternoon. Our neighbour has agreed to be brave and come for dinner. I have no idea what I am doing. If all else fails we can fill up on gluten-free brownies while we play cards.  and wine.. lots of wine.

Last night we sat around a bon fire with three others. There are fewer and fewer islanders left to sit around with. You may be able to get away without talking about septic systems at a get together but it is unlikely that you would,  on the same night, avoid a discussion about generators.

Last night we talked generators. Some are loud. Newer ones more quiet.. I mentioned that I worried our generator disturbs our neighbours and with the trees recently taken down, further disturbed.

V asked what kind of generator we had… E replied. that we have a Kubota 7 kilowat diesel generator. V said “Good for you. Those are amazing. You will still have it running for you here, in fifty years.”

challenge is accepted.

enormous mushrooms on the path to the house

enormous mushrooms on the path to the house

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