missing the kids

The lamb arrived.  It was packed and labelled  beautifully. I don’t know if I was expecting them to hand us big slabs of meat off a slab, or what.. But so far we very pleased. We had Greek  style lamb chops last night and they were tender and juicy.

Here are the details… 23 pounds $5.00 per pound $115.00.

sep 24 093

one leg of lamb   7.5 pounds

1 shoulder roast  5 pounds

1 package of ribs   

 1 brisket (breast)

2 shanks

2 packages of (3) loin chops

2 packages of (4) chops

neck stew

It is probably enough meat to do us the winter…. but a nice change.

and it all fit into our freezer.sep 24 095

We are heading to town today. E has supplies to pick up for a project.

The water is flat calm. It is cloudy and cool but no rain. We are hoping for a quick trip. Need to get home and ready for Halloween. After the trick or treaters all (all?) come, we are going up to our friends for a bonfire..

Missing the kids 🙂

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