break, if you will

It was cold and foggy this morning. I grabbed the chance to sit by the fire and do nothing.. The coffee was good and I am on the last book in the Jo Nessbo series.. So I was quite happy to postpone planned projects.

Not many boats on the calm water…. but this guy…oct 21 026

E was down at the fire hall this morning learning to use the new trailer/tank contraption… I will post a picture when I have one.. It will be in the tidelines with all of the details. My deadline for the tidelines is November 15th but I haven’t started it yet..Maybe when I finish this book series.

The sun came out this afternoon and burned off the fog.. I had 90 daffodil bulbs that needed planting so I got off my lazy you know what and got them planted. Guy used to plant 50 pounds every year. They would get them from a wholesaler up the valley.

She would cast the bulbs to the ground and at the bases of a trees. Then plant them where they landed. The (deer proof) flowers have thrived over the years.DSCN4859

DSCN4856It has a very natural look and fools many. Someone once asked her why there were only daffodils on their property and nowhere else.. Many years after she had passed, Papa  would look at my spring garden in L.

He would say “it’s very nice, but it  needs more daffodils…”

I planted most of the bulbs in the  planters near the house and in the tree  stumps at the driveway. It didn’t take me  very long.

Then I could play hookey again and take  my camera down to the cut. It  was truly peaceful. I felt like I had the ocean all to  myself.. It was a quiet lazy day…

With all of the spontaneous wild life visits from seals and beavers etc., we like to think we live on the nature channel. But today was calm, quiet and peaceful. A commercial

break, if you will.
oct 21 032

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