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my back door


E spent the day down at SoHo working on the Iluka. We had scraped the bottom of the boat in April but it is already slowed by the mussels it carries on the hull. It is not a hard job,  just time-consuming, as you have to work with the tides.

My garden needs a great deal of attention. But so does my stomach and there was nothing for dinner if I didn’t putter in the kitchen for a bit. I made yet another soup. The last one was so good we invited our friends down for a bowl while we watched the hockey game on Saturday night. Today’s soup is the sausage/potato version of my vegie soup. I am still getting onions and big fat carrots from the garden. There were some roma tomatoes in the freezer to throw in too..

Still trying to make some room in the freezer for the meat we have ordered from the farm so I made a small chocolate cake to use up the frozen icing.. I would never eat chocolate cake normally except I really need to use up the icing…

I discovered more plums in the back of the freezer so I guess I will be making more jam.. tomorrow..I am not up to it today,  I need a break from canning…..

Saw an eagle down at the SoHo yesterday. They haven’t been around most of the summer and are due to arrive back any day. I have some chicken skins saved in the freezer for them when they get here.. It is probably illegal but sometimes I throw the skins off the perch and the eagle swoops down and eats them off the top of the water. Very entertaining indeed. Thank B for the idea.

june 16 015

We are going to town tomorrow to talk to the Propane guy about a project E is working on, buy more batteries for SoHo and grocery shop. Rumor has it the boys are coming for Thanksgiving weekend so I better get a turkey in the house. Having the boys here will be a great opportunity to get some of the wood debris cleaned up with a bonfire or two. The weather looks like it is supposed to be great. I am looking forward to it.

I often post pictures taken from the front of the house with the water view. The view at the back of the house is just as beautiful but very different. This picture was taken yesterday morning at 8 am from

my back door.

oct 6 017

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