as good as John

It was a great day on the learning curve today.

We began with a gorgeous foggy morning.oct 6 012

Headed up to Sunday  coffee at Anns. Just five of us there this morning. The island is emptying.

We discussed in detail the plans for my gorgeous Cinderella pumpkins.  I have  three and apparently they make the most delicious pies and soups.. A is going to use some for her thanksgiving dinner, K is going to make some soup and I am going to try both..


We will have lots and lots to share.

Then life got really interesting.

I don’t think I have mentioned that we are having boat troubles.. Today we dealt with boat troubles. E thinks he broke the drive shaft when he was giving the tree fallers a ride to SoHo last week. So when that happened he was towed into PC and the Tinman has sat there while we used the family boat to get back and forth. But the mechanic is over at BH and we needed to get it over there..

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the water was flat calm.. So we thought we would take the opportunity.

D and K offered to come with us in case our kicker didn’t work and we needed to tow the Tinman. I am still very new at  boat driving but agreed to once again put my big girl blouse on and drive the Iluka over..

K joined me for support and D went with E. Sure enough as we coasted outside of PC waiting for them it became obvious the kicker wasn’t kicking. We went back into PC and I maneuvered our boat  alongside the Tinman. Got her secured and towed her across to BH.. At BH we released her just outside of the finger and I docked our boat. E and D rowed and glided perfectly into her dock, As D says, “it went seamlessly”… The guys then jumped on the Iluka and I drove us all back to PC.  It went very well if I do say so myself..   I am getting up that boat driving learning curve but it is slow going.. It is a lot easier to see out of the Iluka than the Tinman and I am still VERY nervous driving the Tinman, if only just nervous driving the Iluka…photo1

But I have nothing but time to keep learning.. My self-confidence is gaining strength. There is a guy on the island , John who drives a big tug boat and is called upon for emergency towing and marine rescue…

Just need another twenty years or so and I will be

as good as John 🙂

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