under the radar

As I have mentioned before, we both like to read. One of our favorite authors is Louise Penny.. She is a Canadian author and her series currently revolves around a village in the rural Quebec called Three Pines… You can’t find Three Pines on a map. You can find it “when you need it”… One of the quotes from the book from a resident giving advice to a new arrival… don’t volunteer or become too involved for the first five years.. sit back.. get a feel for the place. stay under the radar.. … (or words to that effect.. you get the drift)..

So that is what we planned to do here on the island… sit back, support the community but keep a low profile for four or five years.. no one needs to  know we are here……

Hard to do in a community with a full-time population of 22,  12 of those hanging around for the whole winter and another 80 part timers arriving in the summer. It is pretty hard to not become involved.

Two months after arriving E joined the volunteer fire department.. They meet every second week in the summer for practice with the truck and equipment. Then two months later he was asked to be a member at large on the executive of the Island Association..  The next meeting was nine months later.. He came home from that meeting and informed me that I was now the editor of the island newsletter….

This years AGM, E agreed to be the President. Not much goes on here that needs Presidenting… maybe some island trust issues but mostly the association deals with fundraising for the community fire hall….

The fire hall is amazing. Built entirely by volunteers and with money raised by the resident association… It is a work of art…..

The island newsletter comes out twice a year.. The first issue came out July 1st and I have scheduled the next one to come out around Christmas.. My self-imposed deadline is November 15th.

I am thinking I am going to write an article in this issue on how to stay

under the radar.

IMG_0211 IMG_0213 9b Firetruck

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