my artistic license

In the 60’s I kept a diary, in the 90’s a journal but now I apparently keep a blog.. truth be told it is all the same concept… Admittedly the content is somewhat different.

In the 60’s I  wrote about what my dog had done and deciding who I was going to marry. (this was crucial as I was ten ).  In the 2000’s I wrote about our dogs and the trials and tribulations of our family during the medical crisis..  Now in the 2013’s I am still writing about our dogs but also about  our lives on D’island. This blog is  hopefully more interesting that my 60’s heart throbs (Ronnie and Michael)… one more interesting than endless details of doctor appointments and medications.. This blog, this  chapter  of our lives will be filled, I hope, with positive stories of new friends and rewarding experiences…   Diary.. Journal.. Blog.. it’s all the same thing to me.. however Blog seems to be pretty trendy and I am nothing if not trendy..

I have alway liked to write and write better with the stress removed of potential criticism. (put down your red pens).  I am writing this for my family, to keep them posted on our lives here and how we are doing.. But I am also doing it for myself as a way to record my thoughts and experiences… It is for me… that I have opened it to my all my friends and family via Facebook yesterday was quite a bold move for me and one I never really considered before I did it.. But I did it and it is done.. Friends and family can read or not read.. it is their choice and if they have criticisms they are welcome to keep them to them selves.. I am not interested.. I am well-known for embellishment and if I say there were three thousand seals outside my  front window.. that is how many there were….

We are surrounded on the island with amazing talent.. artists abound.. carvers, painters, knitters, quilters.. landscape architects and carpenters. We arrived with some trepidation as we have no discernible talent.. We wonder how long we can fake it here before we are caught out as island imposters… living in the gulf islands with no artistic talent? ( Hand in your keys ! and off with you!! )

Since my early days in school I was discouraged from writing.

Miss Brown in grade 10. said I shouldn’t write because my hand writing was illegible.. (power up my laptop)

Mr. Davies in grade 11 said I couldn’t write because my spelling was atrocious (hello spell check!)

and Mr. Munson in grade 12 said that if I didn’t stop writing that feminist drivel he would take my pen away… (asshole!!)

so I stopped writing and now 35 years later, I have let you read my diary… As long as you are willing to ignore the messy writing, poor spelling and random  feminist ramblings you are welcome to stay.

Now when asked how as an artist, I justify my life in the gulf islands. I will just respond that I am working on my first novel.  It is an embellishment perhaps, but it is

my artistic license

12 thoughts on “my artistic license

  1. Embellish away! You may not want to post this, but do I remember correctly
    and in the olden days, we used to divide what you said by six! 🙂


  2. Embellish away! You may not want to post this, but do I remember correctly
    and in the olden days, we used to divide what you said by six! 🙂


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