blown off

Holy Wind Batman!!!

We expected big storms this winter. We had one large wind storm in November but really nothing much to talk about all winter. Our first winter here has been as mild as could be.

But first day of spring.. wowzy!!!

We had more rain last night than I am sure we had all winter. The sound on the skylights was amazing. I like the rain so it really wasn’t a problem for me.. I enjoy laying in bed listening to it. There was a heavy wind forecast for midnight but it did not materialize.

However, today, it is windy.. We haven’t seen winds like this at all this year. They are coming from the south west so it must be amazing down at the other house. But even here in front  of our house it is very impressive.

So far March has had the wildest weather of our whole winter.. who knew?

E  went  down to the other house to try to fix the generator.. (It won’t start with the remote down at the house, you have to go up to the generator shed and start it manually)… He was able to fix it by replacing the battery.. The generator should recharge the battery when it is running. If it doesn’t,  then we will have a problem but we are hoping it was just a simple matter of a dead battery. We will know it a couple of days..

He also went down to our boat yesterday to see why it wouldn’t start the day before and it started first time. So it probably it was the cold temperatures causing the problem. However,  while doing regular maintenance on the motor he discovered a broken bracket.march 20 002 march 20 009 It is a very important bracket which is needed to hold the motor onto the boat. Keeping the motor attached to the boat is a pretty central concept when powering the boat. We have a guy who takes care of these issues and have a call in to him to arrange a time to have it fixed. Good news was they don’t have to take the motor off and to the shop. Bad news we are looking at about 1200.00.!!  ughh.. We have found when fixing anything on the boat it is always a minimum 1000.00. good grief. We want to take the boat up the river to say goodbye to our J before she leaves for the Galapagos so that boat needs to be working!!!

We have til the 28th to get it shipshape. I really wish we could walk on water… We have a ton of huge bills coming up next month so I am thinking now is as good a time as any to take up medicine.. If I could become a doctor by June that would be very helpful, financially..

I went out to get a picture of the wind. But it doesn’t really translate well on a photo. The waves don’t  look as impressive as they are. I didn’t want to venture further out on to the cliff for a better shot as I didn’t want to bemarch 20 032 march 20 046 march 20 051

blown off

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