more exciting

Went to town today.

We were going to take a trip to the dump and recycling but after loading it all into the Tinman, it wouldnt start.. I guess with the engine in the shade and cold temps last night.. It needed to be warmed a bit more.. Fortunately the family boat is on the other side of the marina sitting in the sun so we took it,  the Iluka. A note about our trip to the dump… Most of our waste is composted or reused in some way. But once a month we cross the water with enough garbage to fill our car. It costs a minimum of $6.00 per load so we always try to make it worth our while.. When we first got here E asked the guy in kiosk if we get a free offload as we live on D’island and have no services.. He said.. you live on D’island???  I work here.. smiling.. you  have to pay the 6.00…. He was quite cute the way he said it, like it is a small price to pay for where we live.. and that is true…6.00 is a heck of a deal..

Big day for me.. I drove the boat both ways and docked it too!!! Almost a year here and I am just beginning to learn to drive the boat.. I know .. pathetic.. But we have had so much on our plate, it wasnt a priority. Last month E wasnt feeling well in the middle of the night and we thought we might have to make an emergency run across the channel in the dark.. Since then everyone (all our neighbours) keep reminding me it is time to learn to drive the boat. I know, I know.. but I m so short..!!! I can hardly see over the front!!!  But it went well and even though it was quite choppy,  my first trip was uneventful.

We saw the Y’s at the cove.. they have been prawning again.. and getting huge loads of 50 – 75 per trap…. Their trap (round)  is a different shape than ours (rectangle) .. We don’t know if that is the secret or not.. We will try again next week.. But even though we have been dropping them at the same time and in the same location with the Y’s… we catch nothing like their numbers….

It was a cold and windy day.. but clear blue skies and sunny.. We came home and unloaded our groceries and promptly took a seat in the living room sun and read for a couple of hours…

E is watching the hockey game but after the first period I went outside to take a picture of the sunset….march 18 005

The ocean was flat calm but there was a noise like waves.. I looked closer, and realized the surface of the sea was moving.. alive with fish.. The herring are here!!!  everywhere there were fish,  everywhere.. A sea-lion was to my left.. I would imagine having a heck of a feast…. probably a lot more sea lions are near by… The games dear Watson are afoot… the next couple of days are going to be really exciting with lots of really great photo opportunities…. I can hardly wait..

It was a great day and between driving the boat succesfully or having the herring arrive.. I don’t know which was

more exciting.

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