a raft

Spring on the west coast means herring roe season..

The water turns milky white herring 2389219320_63cc7f0ecf_z

and thousands of small eggs attach to the kelp. This activity brings the fishing fleet but more importantly  (to me, at least) is that it brings increased wild life activity here on the water…

Stories from neighbours abound, of years past.. The fish have depleted and the numbers are nothing like they used to be.  I will leave the science and politics to others and just discuss how this all affects me… cause this is all about me!!!

In 1990 when we came here during herring season, Papas bay was filled with sea lions..Sea Lions eating roe - Decourcy

It was an amazing sight.. We havent seen it since and have been watching out the window for signs that the show has begun.

There have definitely been more eaglesDSCN5022 around and the seals  and sea lions have begun to gather. Almost daily they travel past the window. DSCN5122When I say the window.. I mean within ten feet of my living room.. right below the cliff!!!..Wow, it is as if we are living on a boat…

With all of this activity lately, I am eager to get up in the morning to see what the day will present.  Thursday, I got up and looked out the window.. There was a disturbance out on the water.. I took my coffee out to the perch and spent two hours watching a group of sea lions playing in front of the house.. they would go up and down.. Reappearing with their heavy breathing every five minutes.. I was very entertained… I came in to the house and proclaimed once again.. I love living here and I love my life!!

DSCN5080 DSCN5079 DSCN5078 DSCN5076 DSCN5075

I am hoping it is going to be a great herring season and sit by the window waiting… Yesterday a fish boat began to hang around in front of the house.DSCN5138


So, I feel it is going to happen soon and can hardly wait to show you the pictures. Fingers crossed that it will be a good one.

In case you are interested.. I looked it up and a group of sea lions is called

a raft

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