sticking to it

I have been slow about adding journal postings……july 10 154

My list of excuses is long… It hurts more than I expected to type, I am never inside long enough to formulate a coherent thought, I can’t for the life of me figure out word press, my data link is so slow it is painful to upload pictures.. etc etc.. yada yada…

if there is one thing that drives me crazy reading other people’s blogs is a blog explaining why they havent written lately.. and detailing their illness de jour.. so that is two things that bother me about reading other people’s blogs… explanations and whining.. and talk about guns and politics. oh wait .. that is four things… explanations, whining, gun talk and politics…. but the great thing .. the truly great thing about blogs is that it is my choice which ones I read.. so I can just stop reading them if they are boring….

I invite you to not read this blog anymore… it is for me and I welcome you if you are interested.. and I think I have a plan on how I can type more comfortably.. so I shall be

sticking to it

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