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like the turnips


The garden is tilled, weeded, planted and sown… Now all that is left is for everything to grow!

I have grown a few tomatoes most of the years we have been married but I have never really tried anything else. It always seemed that we would take our vacation at the end of August every year and when we would return everything was dead on the vine.. So I gave up and stuck with flowers…

So this is my big chance. I was grabbing everything off the shelf which looked interesting and if it all grows we will have enough to feed the family for the fall.. What I did not count on was how many seeds were in each packet.. and I didn’t quite clue into how many fruit (tomatoes) or veggies would grow on each successful plant.. I wasn’t really thinking logically.. I just wanted to try it all…

There will be weekends back to town where I can take veggies to the family and there is canning I can do. I love salsa and canned tomato sauce.. The potatoes can stay in cold storage I should think over the winter but… There is going to be A LOT of vegetables if this all grows…

We have..

Lower garden all planted with potatoes beside the new raspberry cane

Long English Cucumbers, Sweet Cucumbers, Squash, , watermelon, Parsnips, Brussel Sprouts, Beets, Salad green mix, three kinds of Potatoes , Carrots, twenty-five Tomatoes plants (five kinds), Three kinds of Peppers (Green and Red), Peas, Cilantro, Basil, Raspberries and Boysenberries, Parsley and Italian Parsley

The R’s put this garden in an amazing situation. Between two rock faces which protect it from the wind and somehow increase the heat. The sun is on the garden even when it is cloudy everywhere else on the property and it  is probably ten degrees warmer… So I expect big things out of this garden 🙂IMG-20120830-00393

Now I am going to have to figure out something to do with all this food in the fall because honestly I am not really a big fan of some of the veggies I have planted. They seem to be the ones which have sprouted the most.. There are hundreds of them…….

like the turnips 🙁

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

3 thoughts on “like the turnips

  1. …wow! That garden is impressive. Are deer going to be an issue on your property?
    They (Farmers Almanac maybe) say to over plant by 10% to account for lunch for the deer; sounds like you got that covered!

    • Deer are a huge problem as are racoons and bunnies.. Hence the giant wire fence around the garden. We also have a solar powered electric jolt installed around the garden. E did that this week.. if a racoon tries to climb over.. he gets a little jolt and off he goes.. 🙂
      Two little deer were down on the cliff in front of the house last night around 7 . I was really sure they wouldnt come right down onto the cliff edge here with all there is to eat up at the other end of the property and the dog smells etc.. but there they were looking in my window… 🙂

  2. How did you make out with the deer, and were there any dead racoons. I suppose
    you can fashion a “Davy Crockett” type hat with any racoon carcasses….well,
    you were thinking of a craft-type business 🙂

    And what about the ‘taters”?

    I’m so cold, which seems so counter-intuitive to why any Canadian would go
    to Mexico, but here I am…it isn’t cold every day, it varies. I’m staying in a
    Casona, and there cement, like an old castle, so if it’s cold. It’s cold!

    By the way, I’m very close to the “Monarch Butterfly Reserve” so I’ll be able to get
    that in this trip, finally!

    Are you going to cap off ” Year One” of your WordPress blog with pics
    from your summer, in particular, your garden? In other words, ” I suggest…”

    I think (if you want to know, read on 🙂 that you should name the characters
    on the island with Decourcey type names. Like Mr and Mrs Otter, or
    Mr Westerly, Mrs Chinook….borrowing from Beatrix Potter, I guess., or
    trees, or plants. …and so on. “Mr Chardonay, was over this past week…”

    Speaking of Chardonay, I just remembered, I have a airplane size bottle of
    wine that calling my name…must be off Dahling!

    Ta Ta

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