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hang the big salmon


We have three large water tanks up on the hill behind the house which hold 1800 gallons of water.

Water tanks

Plenty I should think for the two of us.. The R’s couldn’t remember a time when they ever ran out of water even at the end of a hot summer. We are to pump the water for 30 minutes a couple of times a week to keep the tanks filled.

At some point last week E realized the tanks weren’t filling and the pump wasn’t working. In fact, it was doubtful we had ever pumped new water since we got here. E thought it could not be a coincidence that the pump would break right when we got here. He checked it thoroughly and tried to tinker with it but every time he tried to turn the pump on, it shorted out. The pump was thirty years old and normally has a life span of twenty so it was due to be replaced.. But such a coincidence..

After a week of trying to fix it, E decided we needed to buy a new one.. Two things you cannot live on this island without are water and firewood. We need to have our water system organised before winter. The on demand hot water system is only good if there is water in the well..!

We picked up the new pump on Friday. Sunday JN, the long time island resident, mechanical wiz and chief in charge of all the dandy tools and gadgets came by to talk about the project with E.

He brought a contraption which would help to bring the old pump and pipes up the well. It was like the inside rim of a wheel that the pipe could ride over as it came up.

Monday DC and CW came by and with JN and E they started at 10 AM … Operation “Change the Well Pump”… By one o clock it was done.. Water gushing out of the new pump before E capped it.. Whoo Hoooo!!!.. We love our new neighbours!!!!

We have water and lots of it… So E is now working on refilling our tanks.. He will run it every couple of days till they are full.. You can’t run it too long or too often or the well will be dry and you will just get sediment….

Last night we had hot showers again… With all of the hot water we could need. It was lovely.. I feel pretty confident in saying we wont have any more water issues in the near future…

While in the shower last night as I had the time to look around.. I noticed there was a pulley on the upper wall of the shower.. A pulley?

It made me pause to ask the question.

Pulley in the Shower

Why is there  a pulley in the shower? So I wrote to the R’s.

Dear R’s

Subject: I give up

Why is there a pulley in the shower?



His response

Dear Me

Subject: I give up

Now that is a very valid question.  We used to hang the big salmon in the shower, but haven’t needed the pulley for a few years.  I think it is seals that have been getting too many when they are growing up, or maybe global warming is a factor.  

On the other hand it might be left over from the days when we used a solar shower bag in the summer and hoisted it up with the pulley….. 

Planned obsolescence.


the R’s

Well I am glad I asked now I know where I am to

hang the big salmon 🙂

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

2 thoughts on “hang the big salmon

  1. do you have a freezer? It will save you a lot of trips for groceries and in the long run save you money. I thought I read in a previous post that you replaced your wood fireplace with a glass insert; why do you need firewood?

    PS. I am being taken to small claims court and the registered letter may arrive on your doorstep about the same time I am arriving home to ……….I am so looking forward to my day in court.

    Are we meeting next week?I have the gift certicificate for a restaurant
    where LS lives (deliiberare avoidance in naming town)but if that is not on your flight path, we can meet at Browns which is ia restaurant in a plaza that has the name of two different clubs from the game of golf. I think you can just get a glass of wine.

    • We have a small freezer but it is run on propane which is expensive and heavy to bring over. We have propane fueled on demand hot water. We replaced the wood fireplace with a more efficient wood stove.. We have no heat otherwise. Firewood is the only way to heat the house in the winter. Most of our electricity is solar powered but there is generator run by diesel fuel if there solar has run out..

      It is confusing I know..

      Yes lunch is probably good on the 6th…. I am having my hair cut in the morning but right after that would do nicely.. I know browns.. you have to buy the bottle but can take home what you don’t drink.. Whatever you like my dear.. it is all good with me. I will be in Ladner on the 5th..

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