never a dull moment

I may have mentioned before the Arbutus Tree at our living room  window.

Arbutus tree growing out of the rock below the living room

It grows out of the rock face under the house.. One branch crosses in front of our window. It has a spot in it where rain water collects.

Apparently it is the local drinking hole for all of our wee friends..

Arbutus drinking hole from the living room window

So far we have had birds drink in it.. Birds bathe in it….

Squirrels drink from it.

squirrel having a sip in the arbutus tree

Then this morning.. the baby raccoon came by around 7 am.. He was soaking wet so I dont know what he had been up to because apparently he was thirsty too…

  Bacardi was sleeping by the window as the raccoon bent over to sip from the tree. I don’t know who was more surprised.. But Bacardi barking sent the raccoon out onto the limb of the tree hanging over the water..

I had only been awake for five minutes and barely had a sip of coffee when this was going on…

Honestly, out here living on the nature channel there is

never a dull moment !!!

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