a work in progress

I had a garden at the family home which I loved. Most of the plants and knickknacks in the garden were gifts from family and friends. There were plenty of cuttings and divisions of perennials from their gardens too. I didn’t really buy any of the plants there at all. But it was a large garden and turned out very well. I miss it. By far the hardest part about leaving the family home, was leaving that garden. All times spent with family in the garden are my happiest memories of raising our children.. All of them worked hard, digging, raking, mowing and planting…

But now I have a new garden.. I have to admit that the twenty years haven’t been kind to my fitness level and the work is strenuous for me. I don’t have the kids here to help me. But I am hoping my stamina increases as the project continues and I can’t help but think all of this exercise is good for me. Therapeutic even..

There were lots of gorgeous lily bulbs and iris left in the garden. The R’s were experts at breeding Lily’s and I have been alerted by neighbours to expect a beautiful show.. Very fragrant and beautiful. I am eager to see them. Today my first iris bloomed.

We began in the new garden with E rototilling. The B’s lent it to us after seeing me trying to weed with one hand. Much appreciated.

After the rototilling I started to dig the paths to map out the flower and vegie beds. Encouraging the dogs to follow the paths and stay out of the beds was big part of it also.

I have bought several flowering shrubs for the garden and begun to put the vegie seeds in.I have little confidence that these seeds will come up. So all I really have done is laid out where I will put the plants when I buy them next week..

but it is a beginning I look forward to seeing it come t0gether over the years.

It will never be done as it will always be

a work in progress

2 thoughts on “a work in progress

  1. You’re so right…I keep talking about my little but VERY productive garden I had in the city. Up here it’s been harder to grow things…but as the years go by I’m sure I will figure things out and one day I wont think about my city garden anymore:)


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