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because a boat went by

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Our neighbours from the bay,  the F’s tell a story from last summer. A friend was visiting them and after dinner they were sitting on their point chatting. The friend was telling an intense sad story when their hosts concentration was visibly lost as a boat came around the corner of the bay. Indeed they asked each other is that the V’s, yes one thought out loud, it is, that’s their new boat… Then their attention returned to their friend and they said and what were you saying… ? She was offended that they would be more interested in a boat coming around the corner than her story..

But that seems to be the way it is here.. the comings and goings of the boats are paramount. You will hear the B’s boat go thru the cut and think.. why are they going to town? They weren’t planning on a trip.  I hope everything is okay. Or there goes the oyster lease boat must be dinner time…  Conversations are put on hold when everyone takes a look at who is passing by and assesses the information the boat’s journey suggests.

As I have mentioned before with buying this property we were in need of a boat. After much searching we found one.. Normally this type of boat would be way out of our price range. But as it is older and striped down so we could afford it. The hull is sound and the boat doesn’t have all of the unnecessary additions like fishing gear or galley appliances.. This should be a good solid commuter boat.

E flew over to the big city today to pick it up. He and the boys will bring it across tomorrow and dock it in #28… We are excited on the addition to our set up here as one more step to our complete independence from others. We will have a  lot to learn about the boat and I am hoping it will serve us well for the weekly trips to town for groceries and supplies.

The jungle drums went out that I as alone tonight. A, our neighbour who hosts the coffee cafe stopped in then for a visit and to bring me some Brussel sprout plants for the veggie garden. We had lots to catch up on with the news about our new boat and hot water project. I poured her a glass of wine and we talked about E’s Dad and her husband. As I may have mentioned before I know nothing about gardening vegetables. A is an island expert on growing veggies here and I was eager to ask questions about what to grow and how to grow it. A couple of hours had passed and I was just about to start to pump her for hints and tips for growing the best tomatoes but I never got to it….

because a boat went by

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  1. …that’s quite a funny story, and gives a unique perspective
    on the heart of an island community. I don’t know how you guy’s
    have been getting so much done! You must be exhausted by the end of the day.

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