a two pot morning

Whew we had a busy morning.

We were across the water by 8:45 with a 3 page list of supplies E needed from Home Depot for the hot water project. E was in his glory when I left him in the plumbing aisle looking for thingamjigs and whatnots.

I headed to the gardening department in search of a wee bit of heather for my rockery.. None to be had.. 😦  So I consoled my self with a three other plants for the garden plus five for the rockery  ( five for 9.50 )… I will head to the nursery in the next week or so to do some serous plant shopping but these were a good price and I needed to do something to escape the plumbing aisle.

Then we headed to Costco to buy a bed.  The R’s left us a bed but it was a twenty year old double and there was not room for the three of us on that bed.. (the dog)…

There is nothing that attracts the attention of the testosterone at Costco as watching another of their type tying two queen mattresses to the top of a Ford Escape.. Everyone has an opinion… In honesty,  I didn’t want to be the next utube sensation as we drove down the highway losing our sleep mate.. but E is quite capable of tying a rope so that didn’t happen.. He smiled and ignored their advice and I distracted the well wishers with our cute dogs…

then it was off to the dump, the grocery store, the liquer store and back to the harbour…

Loading the mattresses down the ramp and onto the boat was a two person  – four hand project and we had only three so it was slow and awkward.. but we made it… thanks to help from the B’s who arrived at the cove at the same time as us, the trip up the ramp was much smoother.

Loaded everything down the grind to the house and sitting in front of a tall glass of wine 8 hours after our departure this morning. whew… !!

but what a great job done and we are both so looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

On Sundays , A hosts a coffee cafe at her property. Drop in, bring a snack to share and she provides the coffee. It is very informal and everyone tends to share their current trials, tribulations and successes . Living on an island everyone has a story to tell. I call it church. We attended our first one this Sunday and everyone welcomed us to the island as full timers with warmth.

I confessed to MB that Saturday morning, E and I had taken a break from unpacking and cleaning and climbing up and down the hill. We had made a pot of soup and each read a good book… (E is reading the Kurt Wallender series and I read Water for Elephants). When I told MB how we had played hookey for the day and accomplished nothing but read she said.. ahh.. her husband and her call that a two pot morning.. Instead of one pot of tea and then on to chores they put another pot on and settled in to a good book..

This morning was  busy and  strenuous.  Although  very different from Saturday when we read, I loved it none the less.

Even if today wasn’t a two pot morning.

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