it was probably a two chicken sacrifice project

We are in…

JP had to work today so she will come soon and help with the setting up of the house and garden. E, S, J and I caught the 745 am ferry (183.00 for both vehicles) to meet with the barge guy at the boat ramp for 10 am. When we met up with him it was pouring… just pouring… They boys and barge guy loaded all of our belongings into one barge load .. Everything in one trip across. But most of it got pretty wet.. Nothing too bad as we were going to refinish a lot of the furniture anyways. The cabin is nice and warm tonight so everything will dry out pretty quick.

We returned the truck to the city on a one way rental  (700.00) by noon while the boys loaded our boat with the left overs and fragile items. We then headed across on flat water to meet the barge guy at the ramp. S took the boat out of the harbour and brought it across. His docking at the cove was as good as E has ever done. J drove it on the return and his BH landing was excellent also. Nice that the boys are becoming so comfortable driving the family boat..

The Barge guy misread the charts… (odd as it is his business) so when they got to the boat ramp here the tide was too low to land.. It would have been so simple. An amphibious craft driving right to our house to offload.. Instead they had to go to the Cove.. T saved the day with his pickup truck and trailer. At low tide they all carried everything up the steep ramp in the pouring rain to load into the trailer.  A local  year rounder,  V came also with his pickup truck and another pair of hands on the move.. Excellent…I was particularly useless as the dogs were a menace and I had to watch them.. I think everyone just wanted me and the dogs out of their hair.. so I obliged.

The neighbours off loaded at the parking area of our cabin with the furniture under a tarp and all the boxes stacked in the studio.. The plants (or as T calls them, deer food) were put into the vegetable compound. We waved good-bye to the neighbours with our undying gratitude…I sent a note to the R’s to see what was an appropriate thank you.. perhaps a bottle? but they said that is the island way and just pay it forward one day.

The boys and E loaded the furniture into the house and out of the rain, while I made several hearty ham and cheese sandwiches…It was 4 o clock and it had been a long day. rehydrated with beer and feeling better with a bit of food in their stomach we went for a walk around the property to show the boys…

The rain had stopped for a moment and the dogs really had a chance to run and enjoy themselves. They had spent the day in their life jackets on leashes shivering in the rain and most miserable…. Now they were fed and could run.. they were happy…

We had a nice big lasagna dinner and the boys are now parked in front of the tv watching the Boston/Washington playoff game. (Boston loses and is out 🙂 ). The dogs are asleep and I am sitting at my perch watching the sunset.. I am so glad to be here and can hardly wait to share it with Jp. I missed her today and hope she had a good day at work….

We don’t have a bill yet for the barge, I will update this posting when I know how much it was.

The R’s had mentioned last week as they wished us well with the move that they would sacrifice a chicken to ensure calm waters and good weather…

We got the calm waters but for the good weather, I think

it was probably a two chicken sacrifice project

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