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Living off the Grid on a west coast island

now I don’t need to learn to walk on water


To get to our new island we need a boat. There is no bridge or ferry.  A private boat is the only option. We share a nice Tom Mack with the family but we need our own.

The Family boat

Boats in our price range on the West Coast seems to come in two types. Fishing boats or wake boats. We need neither. We don’t want to spend all of the extra money on the equipment for wake boarders and fishermen. There is an unending supply of nifty gadgets which boat brokers love to sell only to be met with our response.. “we don’t need that”..

Ian’s first choice all along was a Grady White, preferably a 22 foot Grady White. But they are really expensive and usually come outfitted with amazing bells and whistles for fishing offshore..

But we found  a 24 ft Grady White Offshore which has been striped down and rebuilt . We are able to buy it before they add all the bells and whistles and added  costs which we don’t need.. For example we don’t need 3000.00 worth of fancy upholstery in the V Berth.. In the V berth we will keep some bins to sit our groceries for transport, a cooler for the perishables for transport and a comfy blanket to transport the dogs.. The dogs  will be able to lay in comfort at Ian’s feet and forget they are on a boat, dry and snug.

So the very nice fellow who has refinished the boat is going to polish off some details. He is going to  paint it and organise a back canvass for further weather protection. It should be spit spot and ready to go in two weeks. We will come across on the ferry and launch the boat on the river here. We can then take it to its new home on the island in about an hour. Here is a picture of the boat on the lot but it is going to be much shinier 🙂 in two weeks on the water and I will post more pictures of our trip then.

The new Boat

We have to think of a name now but at least…..

Now I don’t need to learn to walk on water.

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

2 thoughts on “now I don’t need to learn to walk on water

  1. …what about “Winterbourne”? The name you were thinking of for
    your cottage.

    • That was Guys name for the other house as there is a creek running thru the property which only appears in the winter and so it is called a winterbourne…
      Wow how do you remember that?

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