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we have the rest of our lives


We caught the 7:45 ferry, on Friday to the island. We left the dogs behind with Mom and Auntie as the car was packed with boxes and we had a lot to do in town.

Registered for a PO Box (free), forwarded our mail (84.00), changed our address at the DMV(free), copied keys (20.00) and loaded the boat with boxes from home. SK was at the boat and helped us load up. She gave us a big hug and seemed thrilled with our move. Then back to town to pick up the on demand water heater supplies  ($2400.00) from Bill the expert. Pressure tank from Home Depot (230.00) , odds and sods from Home Hardware (gift certificate from Mom) and groceries from 49th. Back to the boat where SK had loaded the repaired lawn mower for Papas place. When all was said and done, we were full to the brim. But the trip was quick and smooth. No wind, flat calm seas and we were thrilled to be heading to our new home.

First night at the house was perfect. The seal, otters, birds and deer were all out to greet us.

Deer on the road to greet us

We carried all the supplies down to the house and flopped into a heap on the umbrella chairs we brought as a last thought. Sitting at the front of the house on the cliff watching the sunset was surreal. Ian had chilled the champagne while we unloaded and we had cracked plastic glasses from one of the boxes to drink a toast to our new life.

Our first sunset

Pinch me…!!!

Garden Rockery

Saturday I spent a couple of hours weeding the rockery in the garden. I was planning where I will put the cuttings I have been carrying around since we left the family home two years ago.

Family Home Garden

I know nothing about vegetable gardening and am the most unsophisticated of gardeners. I don’t know the latin names.

Our family home garden

With the joys of menopause I can barely remember the common names. But I know what I like and I love to play with my flowers. The nice thing about gardening is that if you make a mistake you can just dig it up and move it, if it dies you chalk it up to experience and plant something different. I can spend hours weeding in complete contentment. I love it and I have missed it …….

Saturday afternoon we started to move the boxes from Papas which we had stored over the winter. We felt an urgency to “get it all done”.. But A,  our neighbour and friend  stopped by to say hello and she reminded us that “it doesnt have to done today, you have the rest of your lives”…. Just hearing those words from A reminded us, that this isn’t some quick weekend visit to Papas. It doesn’t have to be done immediately. There is no pressure here.

We have the rest of our lives.

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

2 thoughts on “we have the rest of our lives

  1. Several decades ago, a group of “wannabe” ocean kayakers dragged their kayaks out of the “pond” and onto the shores of the Marine Park on Decourcey Island. I was one of that group, and the following Monday I came into work busting with enthusiasm about this secret, delightful, isolated island. This island was of no suprise to you; your family had discovered it several years before. I have believed from that moment that the charm and beauty of Decourcey is an intrinsic part of you. I am so glad that now you will be able to spend more than some scattered weekends at your treasured island. What an adventure. Best of Luck!

    • ah.. thanks.. aren’t you just the sweetest… i think it is because i am holding your mail hostage..

      We move tomorrow, and I didnt get it delivered to tsawwassen.. I will be back a couple of times in the next month and will get it to your friend… i promise.

      when we have the guest cabin finished I hope you will come to visit us on the island.. you can read in peace….


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