because drowining is bad

We are taking with us our two dogs.

Bacardi is eleven, over weight and sweet as the dickens.. Sammi is 5, and barks at anyone who comes near me or noise that he hears.

They will both love living on the island. It has been two years of boredom for them leaving our big back yard for the townhouse and now the rental. Sammi is very clingy, grumpy and constantly barks.. Bacardi just sleeps and eats and gets bigger and bigger. If E or I go out, the dogs lay at the front door until we return.

But on the island.. Sammi runs and runs and runs and Bacardi tries to keep up. Both never sit still or stop smiling (yes dogs smile)  and wagging their tales. So many nooks and crannies to investigate and animal scents to follow…But the cliff is an issue and we are going to have to teach Sammi to slow down. We are worried that if he sees someone kayaking past the house he will chase after them not realizing (cause he is a dog) that he is twenty feet in the air. Bacardi isn’t such a worry as she sticks close to E and has shown some hesitancy when walking near the cliff.

Both dogs have been on Papas boat many times. Neither enjoy the ride very much.. Bacardi stays at E’s feet and Sammi sits on my lap clinging to my neck if it gets bumpy. When I jump off the boat at the dock, Sammi jumps after me.. sometimes not realizing that we might be a couple of feet away from the dock. Bacardi struggles off the boat  if E beings to unload it before helping her off.. Once she fell and got stuck between the boat the dock. They really aren’t the sharpest Tacks on the ice (pun meant).

and so we present

New Life Jackets

Life jackets!! (34.00 each) yippee.. They seem to love them and with the handles on the back we can pick them up and just carry them off the boat… (or for Bacardi, help her off the boat, cause she weighs a lot !).. or if need be pick them up out of the water…

Showing of the new duds

They don’t really like to swim in the bay but maybe with the added flotation they might like swimming more this summer.  Who knows if it will make a difference but they are so cute ..

and so we have new life jackets for the dogs

because drowning is bad

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