we aren’t the Rockefellers

The only way to get to the island is by private boat. There is a taxi service (200.00 return) but no ferry.

In the 80’s we sailed five hours and anchored in the bay in front of Papas property, rowed the dingy in and slept in a tent in the woods.

Getting our daily water at the Marine Park

There was no well, so for drinking water we walked 10 minutes up the hill to fill our water jugs at the marine park.

The shed is where the house now sits.

We had a composting toilet in a shed..

They estimate now there are forty cars on the island. They have been barged over, usually at the same time as building supplies for cabins. Most of these cars are trucks and they have been around the block a few times (pun intended). Papa took an old truck over about fifteen years ago and we depend on ER to keep it running with paper clips and duct tape. Our new place comes with a truck. E’s first job is to get it running. The R’s are worried that we are getting a truck worth what we paid for it. (nothing).

They spent a lot on maintenance in the last year and E is convinced that although it isn’t running, it isn’t anything serious.

Travel to the island now isn’t much faster than the 80’s but it is certainly more comfortable and less dependent on good weather. We ferry to the big island (2.5 hours plus boarding time),  and then drive to our moorage. (20 minutes). Once we load our food, gas etc on to our boat it is a 20 minute drive across to our island . Then we unload all of our food and gas etc. into our truck and drive ten minutes to the house… Unload all our food, gas etc into the house and then..  whew… sit on the deck and have a beer.. such a production to get there..but once you do… well worth it…Papas house

We will  keep our boat at our assigned moorage in the islander private marina.  One small problem, we don’t have our own boat !.  We have a boat we share with the family at Papas, but we need our own. We are moving in two weeks!

What we do have is second car, a sports car.

A sports car is good for touring wine country, cruising around the University at sunset, hot summer drives to the Valley.018

A sports car is not good for transporting two wet dogs, boat gas, diesel gas or lumber. It is neither practical to get to the big island nor to be taken to our little island driving ten minutes back and forth to the boat.. The sports car in reality is useless, gorgeous but useless. so much fun but useless.  What would be useful is a boat.  So yesterday we sold the sports car 😦       and have begun our search for a boat.

We can’t have both a sports car and a boat..

We aren’t the Rockefellers!

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