first things first

We just came back from a very productive five days at the island.

E wanted to get together with B and T to discuss plans for the few renos we need to do at the house. T is the island expert on all things construction related. He is going to help get a few of the urgent things taken care of for us. We are extremely grateful for the wealth of experience and advice that the  R’s and T have to offer and we welcome all of it.

We need to remove the existing wood cook stove and install a new airtight stove in the living room. Although it is a gorgeous cook stove and in very good shape, it doesn’t meet code so for insurance purposes, it needs to come out. There is also a beautiful fireplace in the living room.


But it wouldn’t heat the house efficiently as the only source of heat. T will remove the original fireplace and install a new airtight. It is a shame to lose the unique mantle and hearth..but we need to be warm! E has spoken with a fellow who sells reconditioned airtights and has a really good reputation on the island. We are at the top of his list for the next one available. Although T is prepping this job now.. installation isn’t really as urgent as the hot water. Waiting for a reconditioned airtight will save us about $800.00.

Original cookstove, gas stove and kindling box

The cook stove is R’s only source of hot water and once it is removed we will have no hot water. So T and E are going to install a propane on demand hot water system much like we have at the other house. E has spent hours researching how best to do this and met with an expert on the island for advice. It is all made more complicated as we need to make sure we have enough water pressure for the on demand water heater to turn on. E sent a diagram of the house  to the island expert and he has offered to  come up with a design and supply list for us. We have budgeted 2000.00 for the project. Once installed, we will have all the hot water we could ever want and that is a high priority for me and my old cold arthritic bones… 🙂

Once the cook stove is removed there will be a large space left empty to the right of the remaining gas stove.. T is going to make custom cabinets which match the current cabinetry to fill in the space remaining.. These cabinets will have drawers on the bottom beneath new counter tops. Upper cabinets will be added providing a ton of new storage space in the kitchen for dishes, pots and pans.

The seal on one of the windows in the living room has broken and needs to be replaced. So I think we are going to have that done right away too..

Everything else which needs to be repaired or updated on the property isn’t urgent and will get taken care of in due time at E’s pleasure.

But first things first!

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